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YouTube Channel

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YouTube Description

FireCR Dental Scanner

Item Link
Basic Guide - FireCR Dental Scanner Installation and Basic user manual View
Quantor Software Installation View
How to factory firmware update View
Cover Disassembly View
Main board & Power board Replacement View
Laser optic plate & Front board Replacement View
RFID Board Replacement View
Bottom Board & Tray Assembly Replacement View
Step motor Replacement View
How to Use Hygienic bag and protect cover View
How to use Standard XCP View
How to use BiteWing View
How to installation the FireCR Dental scanner driver View

FireCR Plus Scanner

Item Link
Cover disassemble Top&Inner covers View
How to clean the Fiber bundle View
Main Board Replacement View
Core Board Replacement View
BLDC board Replacement View
Align motor Replacement View

FireCR Flash & Spark Scanner

Item Link
Cover Disassembly View
Main board Replacement View
Laser Optic Plate Replacement View
Photo Module board Replacement View
Align motor Replacement View